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Monday, February 4, 2013

Saving For My Future

Putting some of our money into savings accounts or deciding on putting them for annuity funds should always be one of our priorities as soon as we get our salaries. That's because one thing is certain, when we grow old and retire, we would want to enjoy the money that we earned and not have financial difficulties come the old age.

Saving has been my goal for this year. I promised myself to save some part of my salary for my future. It's a good new year's resolution, isn't it?

I have been working for years now but I never really thought of saving some of my money. I threw some of 'em all away although most of them are well spent. I guess it's one trait I got from my father. He's a guy who doesn't save. He likes spending them. Not like my Mother who's so keen into putting her money on good investments - more of purchasing some small pieces of land which we know will become a good source of income in the future.

I actually still don't have that much of savings which is understandable because I just started putting some money on savings last month. Although the previous five years, I've already invested for a pension plan which will become useful after 20 years. It is a good investment for sure. Now that I'm into "saving" money again, I'm actually thinking about putting it in a trust fund which is like those of american annuities. I don't just want my money to lay in the bank without earning interest rates. It would be better to put it in time deposits or annuities.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do once I have enough savings. For now, there's still a lot of saving to do. So help me, God. :)

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