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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Once In My Lifetime, I've Been There, Done That!

Singing my heart out with Kuerdas Band

I have not continued making my passion my profession when I decided to finally move out of my hometown. I love singing! I still do. But I haven't been on stage for quite sometime now. Although I can still be up on stage which very seldom happen. That's only when I go home to GenSan that I can jam with my former band mates and make the most of it.

Younger me before a gig, those were the days... :)

Music is my passion. Whenever I sing, I really feel relaxed and happy. And being up on stage doing "my thing" is a different kind of "high" for me. LOL! It's just happiness and bliss, you know.

But I haven't found that opportunity to be in a band anymore when I moved out of GenSan. I just can't find a band. Creating one is a very difficult thing to do in the first place. I'm very particular with people I want to work with. Not that I'm a music guru. I just want to work with someone who knows what he/she is doing especially when it comes to playing their own instruments. I wanted someone who knows if his guitar is out of tune or if the drummer needed to look for a talkbox for sale just so we can make great music together. The bassist definitely should know how to jive with the guitarist and the drummer. Everybody in the band should work together and at the same time enjoy their craft. They also should have that confidence up on stage and feel the music that they are playing. All because being in a band, people expect you to be a "pro". People expect you to be the masters of the show and make sure you make them not regret watching your gig after all.

A lot of times I miss doing what I really love most. I'm not getting any younger. I know that. :) And most times, I accept the fact that I wouldn't be on that stage anymore. I'm just glad that once in my lifetime, I've been there, on the limelight, having the best days of my life! :)


Albert said...

Music is my passion too. It gives life to everything. It is but true forming a band entails a lot of effort and people to create a band "Band".

It was great playing music with you ally. just like the old times. Music Is Our Passion! Keep Jammin.

Lainy said...

Reminiscin'. Ako kumuha ng mga pics na yan. LOL! Rock n roll! ;-) Hehehe!

Ally said...

@Albert: Yes dude! Let's keep jammin! :D

@Lainy: Thanks to you may mga pictures ako from the gigs! heheheh...