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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'd Rather Be On A Train

I sometimes have a hard time going home from work since I get out of the office during rush hour. I ride the train because I don't want to deal with the traffic on a bus along EDSA. It will only make me nauseous and get too exhausted when I get home.

I'd prefer riding on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), the train which takes me home in less than an hour. Sometimes though, when it's overly crowded, I don't get home early. I have to endure being a very long queue and sometimes have to squeeze myself in a very crowded train just so I can get home. I also have to deal with passengers who are stubborn and treat the steel stanchions like they're plastic stanchions placed as barricade on the train stations so that people will observe orderliness. Some people are just stupid enough and don't follow simple instructions. Sometimes I just understand them because maybe some of them are really in a hurry. I just don't like it if those people hurt the other passengers in the train.

The agony on the train doesn't really happen often. I'm just glad that I won't have to deal with the stress at the train station on my way to work or at the beginning of my day. Even if I get exhausted, it doesn't matter because I'd just sleep it off when I get to my home sweet home.

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