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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Site Cleaning Up On Hold

At last! I'm cleaning up my blogs! LOL! For this blog, I'm actually in the process. I just didn't have internet connection at home yesterday that's why the cleaning up is put on hold. But I'm very much done procrastinating. Once my internet is back up and running, I'll continue the not-so-tedious online chore. :D

For this blog, I started cleaning up the labels. I began by counting how many labels I got for this site. And guess what? I got 128 labels! LOL! I usually doubt myself about which articles are suppose to be under what label. Now it's down to only 54. Congratulations to me for doing a great job!

I really hope and pray that I can make use of my internet today. Or else I will have to wait for a technician to come over and fix it.

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