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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Missing Brandon

It was raining when I left my hometown last Monday. I guess the weather was patronizing how I felt that day.  Leaving home always make me feel sad especially that I also will be leaving my very lovable nephew, Brandon.

As I donned on my north face fleece jacket that rainy morning and walked out our door with my brother and nephew Brandon, I had this thought to myself, "when am I coming back again and finally settle home?". I really wanted to be with my family although sometimes I have arguments with my Mom. I think that's pretty easier to handle now that I'm a grown up. My mom needs me now that she's getting older. And my beloved nephew who's mom is overseas. I know he also needed extra love and attention from me.

My brother and Brandon accompanied me, my cousin Michelle and her husband as we went to the airport in GenSan. Brandon was already anxious because he was aware that I'm leaving again. Poor boy. I'm glad he didn't cry when I finally turned my back from them and checked in for my flight. I just heard him say, "Tita Ayena!". Geez! I'm missing his cute little voice!

All I can do right now is look at his pictures from my phone and play the videos I took of Brandon when I was back home. Sigh.

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