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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aiming For A Part Time Job

I was browsing websites last month because I was interested in getting myself employed in a company that offer home-based jobs. I even submitted my resume to one of the companies when I realized that I'm not even ready for that kind of job. My laptop is crappy, my internet connection unreliable, built-in camera on my laptop not working and I haven't purchased a headset that I can use for the job yet. Shame on me. So up until now, I still haven't completed my application.

I still would like to join that company just as a part time job. I'm interested in the job offer and the job itself. I wonder how employer check how their employees work. Do they also use for a reporting engine? I will find out soon for sure. I have to fix my computer problems first before I sit for an interview with them.

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