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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Internet Installed!

Another achievement I made recently is having my DSL internet and landline installed. I'm glad I bumped into a Globe Telecommunications agent doing his job on the street (installing and giving out pamphlets) las Sunday morning. He talked me over about getting the deal, signed some paperworks and voila!: had my internet connection installed in no time. What a relief.

Goodbye internet cafes and noisy boys playing cyber games. I'd be connected online most of the time now in the comforts of my home and watch my favorite TV shows at the same time. LOL! That's multi-tasking.

All I need to do is to have my computer reformatted so it will work better. Hopefully I'd get online opportunities and earn some more moolah!

Goodluck to me! :D

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Acquisitions! Thank You 13th Month Pay!

A new 20" TV, a DVD player, and a microwave oven for my Mom are three of my most recent acquisitions yesterday! Thank God for 13th month pay, I was able to purchase all these! :D And thank you to my reliable boyfriend who so willingly accompanied me at Raon, Quiapo so I can purchase the appliances in much lower cost!

My Mom won't get bored anymore and she will get updated with her soap operas during her stay here in Manila. And I hope she will be happy with the microwave oven that she has been asking me about the last time she was here. I was finally able to purchase one for her.

Meanwhile, lemme enjoy my movie marathon! :D