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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Noise On Internet Cafes

I blog at internet cafes nowadays since I don't have an internet connection at home yet. I can't decide whether or not I will have it installed in my place right now. Maybe I should so I can take advantage of more good opportunities online. I will definitely follow up on my DSL application on one local carriers here one of these days.

Back to blogging at internet cafes... It sucks! Especially when kids who play games shout at each other like they're two houses apart. They curse and shout and bang on their decks. Geez! I really can't concentrate even if I use my earphones and play the music from my phone or from the internet on high volume. The noise just add up. I don't own an affordable beyerdynamic dt 770 pro from guitar center yet. I guess I have to purchase one while I still make use of the internet on cyber cafes. I won't be doing this for long hopefully.

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