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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dreamy With LED TV

As my boyfriend and I were looking around for a new television set at Quiapo, Manila (a place where one can purchase branded appliances and electronics at a very affordable price) I always get enticed with LED television sets. They really look cool and LED TVs give you the feel of watching movies in action in a bigger and wider screen. I can't help but imagine myself in my room looking at my own LED TV hanging on the wall with its mounts purchased from Premier Mounts Store. I can have fun watching all the movies I want on my mounted LED TV. 

Once in a while, my boyfriend catch me dreaming while looking at those types of TV sets and then shove me away from them since they are all expensive. LOL! We ended up buying the 20" flat screen TV which is way cheaper than my dreamed television set. :) I'll get one of those maybe some other time.

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