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Friday, November 16, 2012

Brandon's Request

I just got off the phone with my nephew, Brandon. When his dad taught him to ask a gift from  me: a fire truck toy car and a bicycle, that's what he was babbling about whenever I call.

"Tita Allena, give Brandon a fire truck and a bicycle please!", that's what he always say to me over the phone with his cute voice.  LOL! He's really adorable. I bet if his dad taught him about asking for a a stuff toy and ask for plush animals here in Manila, he would include that on his statement for sure. I wonder what else he would want me to bring him when he knew how to really express himself. :D

Bonding with Brandon

I just can't wait to cuddle my nephew and spend a lot of time with him on my homecoming next month! I miss you, Brandon! Very much!

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