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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Won't Be Gloomy On A Lunar Eclipse

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA): "A penumbral eclipse of the moon will occur on Nov. 28 and 29". And that's 8:12 p.m tonight until 12:53 a.m tomorrow. The moon is expected to be darker and will be visible here in the Philippines according to news.

I'm quite excited to witness it. The last time I have seen an eclipse (which was solar) was back when I was a kid. It was elementary days and everyone thought, in our young minds, that the world is going to end. LOL! 

Tonight I'll witness a lunar eclipse for the first time which will be the last eclipse of the year. I'll be seeing it after our mid-week Church service. Speaking of Church service, there's a lot I want to thank God for today: plenty of blessings and my Mom's recovery. My Mother is going to be released from the hospital today. :D

Eventhough the moon is darker tonight, I won't feel gloomy at any way for sure. Thank you, Lord!

Sound System For My Boyfriend

While my boyfriend and I were at Quiapo, Manila shopping for my appliances, he also looked around for his amplifiers which he was planning to purchase next year. He so wanted to complete his sound system which include audio mixer, amplifiers, powered speakers, microphones and the types of stands like that from ultimate support at Musician's Friend. He kept saying he will be able to earn from it. Besides, completing his sound system is one of his dreams and he's very positive he will be able to complete his goal next year. His optimism makes me smile. As a girlfriend, all I can do is support him morally if not financially. I really hope he can make one of his dreams come true next year. :D

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Helping A Friend Find The DRESS

A friend of mine asked me to do her a favor. She's getting married next month and she doesn't have a wedding dress yet. She and her soon to be sister-in-law are going to the dress maker come Friday and she doesn't have a design for her wedding dress. She asked me to search for nice wedding dresses online. Thanks to Google, I was able to gather a lot of wedding dresses. I have my own favorites though that I think will look nice for my friend.


And this... :)

This one is also nice...

I still got a lot of pictures that I saved on my phone. I'm so excited to show them all to her.

Dreamy With LED TV

As my boyfriend and I were looking around for a new television set at Quiapo, Manila (a place where one can purchase branded appliances and electronics at a very affordable price) I always get enticed with LED television sets. They really look cool and LED TVs give you the feel of watching movies in action in a bigger and wider screen. I can't help but imagine myself in my room looking at my own LED TV hanging on the wall with its mounts purchased from Premier Mounts Store. I can have fun watching all the movies I want on my mounted LED TV. 

Once in a while, my boyfriend catch me dreaming while looking at those types of TV sets and then shove me away from them since they are all expensive. LOL! We ended up buying the 20" flat screen TV which is way cheaper than my dreamed television set. :) I'll get one of those maybe some other time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Being Productive On A Long Weekend

I was productive on my 4-day long weekend. I didn't splurge. Instead, I cleaned up my house, did my laundry, jogged in the morning and accomplished my Church obligations. I'm so proud of myself! :D

Just when I thought everything is going well when my brother sent me a text message telling me that my Mom is not feeling well. You can read about my post here.

She's doing better now although confined in a hospital in General Santos City. I still worry about her because she tend to forget about her diet. Sigh.

I hope my Mother will recover fast. I also hope I will be able to continue being productive these coming days.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Alternative Exercise Regimen?

I've been having a hard time losing weight. I always ask my friend, Irene, to jog with me at the Mall Of Asia grounds since we both are trying to lose weight but I'm always the one who don't wake up early especially when it's our day off from work. I find it hard to wake up early lately. I just wanted to doze off to la-la-land.

Maybe we have to change our exercise regimen? :D We've already planned to go swimming at Pasay Complex which is just a 15-minute ride from our place but it remained a plan. And I'm thinking about other types of exercise regimen like kickboxing and horse riding perhaps? LOL! Those are more exciting and fun yet are expensive alternatives! We still have to buy pairs of gloves or a pair of riding boots spend some money to enroll for the classes. 

Geez! How are we able to lose weight if we are this stubborn? I guess I'm talking about myself. Irene isn't that hard-headed like me. She had already been on a no-carbs-diet for 2 weeks while I keep eating rice. :D I feel deprived when I haven't eaten rice the previous day. So I indulge on it the next day and the following day and so on and so forth. I know I won't be successful with losing weight if I keep doing this. Sigh.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fell In Love With A Song

My boyfriend and I watched the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. It was amazing! The twist that they added on the story was really heart-thumping! Something that I never expected. And I fell in love with the song entitled "A Thousand Year" by Christina Perri. I couldn't get enough of it. LOL!

I'll make a separate post about my take on the movie itself. Let me keep listening to this song first:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Munching On My Peanut Butter

As I await for my boyfriend to meet up with me after work, I munch on my favorite crunchy peanut butter. I'm a bit stressed out already because he's late for a good a reason anyway. I can't do anything but wait and try to relieve the stress by consuming most of the peanut butter left for my sandwich. :D

pic from google

Other than cheese, the peanut butter is one of my favorites nowadays. Not only because it's cheaper that other sandwich spread, I've read a lot about it having great benefits especially now that I'm trying to lose weight.

I'm not really sure though that eating just the peanut butter without the wheat bread is a good idea. :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If Only I Have Internet Connection At Home

If I only have internet connection at home, I'd be spending time cleaning up my blogs during the long weekend since it's Thanksgiving Day on Thursday and we don't have work on Friday. Sigh. Unfortunately, I can't do that errand yet.

If I only have a DSL connection installed, I wouldn't miss some online opportunities. I may have had a second or third job just by having a good connection at home. I might even make new web site for my other interests and passion.

I got a lot of "If Only's". The question is, will I have the energy to do all that I plan to do if only I have internet connection at home? :D

Excited For Hansel And Gretel

There are a lot of great movies I've missed to watch. I've been busy and when I'm not busy, I'm out of budget for a movie ticket. :( I am yet to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2, hopefully, this weekend. I'm already excited.

Now here comes another movie that I should not miss to watch. It's not showing yet but knowing that this famous story that my late Aunt Alming had been telling us when we were kids is going to be on theaters soon with modern twists made me all the more excited to set my eyes on! Just seeing the trailer made me remember my favorite Aunt who passed away about a couple of months ago.

Anyway, here's the amazing trailer of the movie Hansel and Gretel:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Noise On Internet Cafes

I blog at internet cafes nowadays since I don't have an internet connection at home yet. I can't decide whether or not I will have it installed in my place right now. Maybe I should so I can take advantage of more good opportunities online. I will definitely follow up on my DSL application on one local carriers here one of these days.

Back to blogging at internet cafes... It sucks! Especially when kids who play games shout at each other like they're two houses apart. They curse and shout and bang on their decks. Geez! I really can't concentrate even if I use my earphones and play the music from my phone or from the internet on high volume. The noise just add up. I don't own an affordable beyerdynamic dt 770 pro from guitar center yet. I guess I have to purchase one while I still make use of the internet on cyber cafes. I won't be doing this for long hopefully.

No Idea For A Birthday Gift

It's a friend's birthday yesterday. Yet we're going to celebrate it today. We still don't have a concrete plan on how we're going to spend it actually. We can't figure what will make our birthday celebrant happy. :)

I will be meeting up with a girl friend and check the mall out for a gift. See? We haven't even have a gift yet! LOL! I hope we can find something that he will like! Good luck to us!

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll See You Soon Bella And Edward!

I've been a fan of the Twilight Saga. I read the books 2 years ago and watched all the series. And now the final installment!

Geez! Makes me want to cry. But heck! I'll definitely be at the cinema to watch this!

I'll see you soon, Bella and Edward!

Brandon's Request

I just got off the phone with my nephew, Brandon. When his dad taught him to ask a gift from  me: a fire truck toy car and a bicycle, that's what he was babbling about whenever I call.

"Tita Allena, give Brandon a fire truck and a bicycle please!", that's what he always say to me over the phone with his cute voice.  LOL! He's really adorable. I bet if his dad taught him about asking for a a stuff toy and ask for plush animals here in Manila, he would include that on his statement for sure. I wonder what else he would want me to bring him when he knew how to really express himself. :D

Bonding with Brandon

I just can't wait to cuddle my nephew and spend a lot of time with him on my homecoming next month! I miss you, Brandon! Very much!

Booked An Expensive Plane Ticket

I already booked my plane ticket 2 weeks ago. I asked my cousin Michelle to book it for me so she can charge it on her credit card. In that way I have a month to pay her off. Besides, I don't own a credit card. Thankfully, Michelle is kind enough to book the ticket for me.

I spent more than Php6,000 for the ticket that wasn't on sale when we purchased it. And here came Cebu Pacific offering several tickets on sale! It made me grit my teeth a little bit. But I can't do anything about it anymore since the ticket was already purchased. Sigh. If I only waited for a few days so I can take advantage of the sale.

I better try my luck next time then. I'll just look forward to my homecoming and seeing my nephew Brandon. :)

Take On The Glasses

I was in high spirits when I came to work last night. All smiles and was able to put on my make up before going to work.

When I came to my desk, my team mates were fussing about the eyeglasses that one of our colleagues brought. They were stylish glasses that she's selling and we all went ahead and tried them on. I've been trying to find customized sunglasses that will fit me but I couldn't find one. So we decided to take pictures of us with some of the glasses on.

                                                              All smiles with the girls

                                                                  And went solo...

Nah! It doesn't fit me.

I had fun taking pictures with my colleagues though. About the glasses, I'll keep looking! :)

Blissful Friday

OMG! I just discovered something today! LOL!

I'm happy not just because it's Friday but also because I'm able to update my blog. I hope this is going to be something that I can do everyday from now on. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

And this one other thing that keeps making me blissful is....

Tadaaan! Haha!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Postponed Meet Up With A Friend

I'm supposed to meet up with a friend yesterday. But due to personal matters I have to attend to, the meet up didn't happen. I know my friend is already disappointed with me. I really want to see her but I just don't have the time.

I'm thinking about making it up to her this weekend. What am I going to bring her though? I think she hasn't quit smoking yet so el producto cigars would be a good idea for a gift. Or buy her a tote? Sigh. She's got a lot of that already. I have to look around the malls later, I guess.

I hope she's not mad at me yet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy and Excited Me! :)

I am so excited about the upcoming holiday season! My vacation leave has already been approved by my supervisor. I just can't wait for December to come so I can spend time with my family back in the  province!

My Kiddo isn't coming along so we will be spending a lot of time together before I leave for home. It's  more than a month of preparation anyway before my scheduled flight. We got a lot of time to spend with each other before my homecoming. Here's one of those simple yet happy days of my life: