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Monday, October 15, 2012

Xylie's 1st Rasta Birthday!

It was Xylie Jash's 1st birthday celebration last Saturday, October 13. He is Lainy's Morning Dew, her nephew. Our nephew, basically since Lainy and I are cousins.

Since I'm far from where the celebration was held, I just sent Xylie a cash gift. :D I can't really think of what gift to give to a 1 year old boy.:D

Anyway, Xylie's birthday was a Rasta party as expected. It was colored green, red and yellow! Most of the kids wore rasta clothing except for, uhmmm... our Brandon. 

My brother's idea. Sigh! :) But he's still adorable, don't you all think? :D

Reggae music was played from splendid sounding Amps was heard all over the place for sure. A lot of friends and relatives with their kids were there to party with Xylie. I can see so much happy faces during the party. Too bad I wasn't there to witness the everything but I know it was so much fun!

Happy birthday, cutie Xylie! May you grow up to be a kind and obedient boy to your Mom and Dad! Mwahugsss! :D

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