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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dealing With My Mother's Cleaning

My Mother dear has been here in Manila for more than 2 weeks now. She had an eye surgery when she got here. She's alright now but still have to undergo 2 more surgeries which will take place next month and the month after that. That means we will have to bear each others presence in my small space. LOL!

Honestly, we quarrel a lot. She kept cleaning up my room but disorganizing everything. To the point that I can't find my things anymore. She kept messing up my arrangements. I don't like looking for my things especially when I'm in a hurry just because they're not in the same place anymore. You all know what I mean. I'm aware that my mom is just trying to help out but most of the time her help end up being a nuisance for me. She's all over my things already and dig on my personal stuffs. Sigh. You might think I'm being rude but I really didn't mean to.

What if I'll purchase japanese puzzle boxes? It's where I can place all my personal things and she wouldn't figure out how to open it. We won't quarrel that much anymore if that will be the case. But for now, I will have to deal with my Mom's mess.

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