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Monday, October 15, 2012

Xylie's 1st Rasta Birthday!

It was Xylie Jash's 1st birthday celebration last Saturday, October 13. He is Lainy's Morning Dew, her nephew. Our nephew, basically since Lainy and I are cousins.

Since I'm far from where the celebration was held, I just sent Xylie a cash gift. :D I can't really think of what gift to give to a 1 year old boy.:D

Anyway, Xylie's birthday was a Rasta party as expected. It was colored green, red and yellow! Most of the kids wore rasta clothing except for, uhmmm... our Brandon. 

My brother's idea. Sigh! :) But he's still adorable, don't you all think? :D

Reggae music was played from splendid sounding Amps was heard all over the place for sure. A lot of friends and relatives with their kids were there to party with Xylie. I can see so much happy faces during the party. Too bad I wasn't there to witness the everything but I know it was so much fun!

Happy birthday, cutie Xylie! May you grow up to be a kind and obedient boy to your Mom and Dad! Mwahugsss! :D

Can't Wait for December

Another family celebration will be held this coming December. We're all excited about it. Our cousin, the doctor in the family, is finally going to tie the knot with his long time girlfriend. We're all happy for him.

That's going to be another wedding homecoming for me. I have to start losing weight or else, I'll be the "fat girl" on the photos! LOL! I want to look good on every family gatherings, that's all! So I better start my diet and exercise. I really hope I'll find time to exercise.

I'm already excited about my homecoming! I miss Brandon very much and I can't wait to spend time with our little boy! I can't wait for December! :)

Safety On The Road

The road is one of the most dangerous places. No matter how careful you drive a car or a motorcycle, others are just plain careless and stupid on the road. That is why we use safety gears and equipment so that if ever road accidents happen, we won't be the ones on the critical stage.

For those who own a car, they should always use their seat belts and have air bags installed in their steering wheels.

For motorcycle owners, helmets like that of nolan helmets at and complete safety gear should always be worn on the road. Two-wheeled vehicles are now known to be the most prone to road accidents nowadays.

Safety should always be a priority especially on the road!

Planning On Renovating My Small Pad

When at work and didn't have much to do, I browse websites that are about decorating small apartment spaces. I'm planning to somehow renovate my small space and get tips on how organizing stuffs. I get excited that if I only have the finances, I would have started renovating my little room. Unfortunately, I still have to wait and maybe purchase some of the tools I need little by little. I will have to start buying from small ones like nails, then hammers and hydraulic pumps. :D At least I can start from the very least, right? My Kiddo is very much willing to help me out. I don't want to move to a bigger apartment because my salary wouldn't be enough to pay for bigger rent. I don't want to spend a lot of money for rent alone. Thus, plan on renovation instead! :)

I'm containing my excitement. While waiting, I'll browse the internet and check on different styles of decorating small studio apartments.

C'mon! Let's Jump From Space!

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Falling from space - that was the craziest thing to do, don't you all think? But it was something that the daredevil Austrian Felix Baumgartner accomplished. A record breaking death-defying stunt made in history.

Of course, it was something that him and his crew prepared for for months. It was scary because anything terrifying can happen during his free fall jump. Fortunately, according to news, Baumgartner was in freefall for four minutes and 20 seconds and safely landed on the dessert of US state of New Mexico yesterday. It must have been a nerve-racking experience for the veteran skydiver.

"When you're standing there on top of the world you become so humble... The only thing is you want to come back alive," - Felix Baumgartner.

I still think it was crazy! Geez!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dealing With My Mother's Cleaning

My Mother dear has been here in Manila for more than 2 weeks now. She had an eye surgery when she got here. She's alright now but still have to undergo 2 more surgeries which will take place next month and the month after that. That means we will have to bear each others presence in my small space. LOL!

Honestly, we quarrel a lot. She kept cleaning up my room but disorganizing everything. To the point that I can't find my things anymore. She kept messing up my arrangements. I don't like looking for my things especially when I'm in a hurry just because they're not in the same place anymore. You all know what I mean. I'm aware that my mom is just trying to help out but most of the time her help end up being a nuisance for me. She's all over my things already and dig on my personal stuffs. Sigh. You might think I'm being rude but I really didn't mean to.

What if I'll purchase japanese puzzle boxes? It's where I can place all my personal things and she wouldn't figure out how to open it. We won't quarrel that much anymore if that will be the case. But for now, I will have to deal with my Mom's mess.