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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Building With Colleagues This Weekend

It's been raining cats and dogs lately. And then our manager at work decided to have our team building party. Perfect timing! LOL! I can imagine us doing our team building soaking wet. We are scheduled to have it this weekend at Caliraya in the province of Laguna which is about 2 hours drive from here in Manila.

I'm one of the assigned committees for the team building. We discussed a lot of activities that we were preparing for Saturday. There are a lot of exciting outdoor games that we're hoping that everyone are going to participate in actively. I think we won't be using some of the venue's amenity like the pool. No one would want to swim in this cold weather. I don't even think the management of Caliraya would have the pool open during this time of the year. They must have cleaned up their pentair pool pump and the pool itself. Summer is too far ahead, anyway.

I'm a bit excited about the team building because I'm going to perform. I hope they will like whatever I'm going to sing and enjoy them. I just want to have fun this weekend with my colleagues! :D

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