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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Busy 2 Weeks

My Mom has been here in Manila for 2 weeks now. She's here to seek 2nd opinion to an eye doctor. She's not convinced on the treatment that her doctor in the province has been doing to her. So she decided to have a doctor check on her here in Manila.

We've been through series of check ups last week. She also underwent angiology and we're supposed to get the result of the test this week. Unfortunately, she got sick. Her sugar level went high because she did nothing here but it plenty of food. I've been telling her to go on a diet but she's too stubborn.

She's at the hospital right now. Her plans for follow up check ups to those doctors will have to resume next week. She's got a lot of plans, actually. She wanted to also go to a dermatologist and get a facial mud mask and have her warts removed. I don't think she'll be allowed anyway because of her Behcet's condition.

I will see her later at the hospital. My brother is the one taking care of her right now. While I take care of my nephew with the help of my boyfriend. :D

Obviously, it's been a busy two-weeks for me.

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