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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Busy 2 Weeks

My Mom has been here in Manila for 2 weeks now. She's here to seek 2nd opinion to an eye doctor. She's not convinced on the treatment that her doctor in the province has been doing to her. So she decided to have a doctor check on her here in Manila.

We've been through series of check ups last week. She also underwent angiology and we're supposed to get the result of the test this week. Unfortunately, she got sick. Her sugar level went high because she did nothing here but it plenty of food. I've been telling her to go on a diet but she's too stubborn.

She's at the hospital right now. Her plans for follow up check ups to those doctors will have to resume next week. She's got a lot of plans, actually. She wanted to also go to a dermatologist and get a facial mud mask and have her warts removed. I don't think she'll be allowed anyway because of her Behcet's condition.

I will see her later at the hospital. My brother is the one taking care of her right now. While I take care of my nephew with the help of my boyfriend. :D

Obviously, it's been a busy two-weeks for me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Lappy! Congratulations To Me!


New laptop purchased and is now ready to use!!! I'm so happeeeee! LOL!

Finally I'd be able to go online. I hope my Tattoo broadband will work in my room though. I'm still out right now and just excited to navigate my new lappy and blog about it!

Congratulations to me! :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heavy Rains And Flooding

The rain is pouring so heavy outside! Geez! I hope our management suspends work for tonight. I don't want to go to work with the dangers of the heavy rain and the flooded street. Some areas here in Metro Manila are already flooded. Evacuees have already gone from their houses especially those who lives near the riverside.

I still haven't reached my home. I am yet to find out if my room is already flooded as well. I hope not.

To those living in Metro Manila, let's all be safe tonight!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Video Camera Dilemma

I'm in charge of taking videos of tomorrow's event. I'm hoping I will make a good job out of it. I'll make sure to take the best shots on all the activities prepared by us - the committee for tomorrow's event.

I realized that since I'll be the camera girl tomorrow, who will be recording my performance when I set my foot on stage? LOL! What a dilemma! I hope one of my friends will bring a zoom h4n handy recorder or just take a video of me singing on stage. :D I want to post my performance online. I miss doing that!

Who among my friends will take the initiative of taking my video? I too shy to ask! LOL!

Excited To Wear Lainy's Pre-Used Clothes

I finally got the clothes I shopped from Lainy's online store: The Fab Chic's Closet! It was delivered by a local carrier the other day. It was one of the reasons I didn't get enough sleep because I was excited to get hold of the clothes I've been meaning to receive!

I washed them the same day that I received them! It has been raining lately and the clothes are still wet right now. I can't wait to wear one of them one of these days especially during our worship service. I'll make sure to take pictures of myself wearing those fab and chic dresses!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Building With Colleagues This Weekend

It's been raining cats and dogs lately. And then our manager at work decided to have our team building party. Perfect timing! LOL! I can imagine us doing our team building soaking wet. We are scheduled to have it this weekend at Caliraya in the province of Laguna which is about 2 hours drive from here in Manila.

I'm one of the assigned committees for the team building. We discussed a lot of activities that we were preparing for Saturday. There are a lot of exciting outdoor games that we're hoping that everyone are going to participate in actively. I think we won't be using some of the venue's amenity like the pool. No one would want to swim in this cold weather. I don't even think the management of Caliraya would have the pool open during this time of the year. They must have cleaned up their pentair pool pump and the pool itself. Summer is too far ahead, anyway.

I'm a bit excited about the team building because I'm going to perform. I hope they will like whatever I'm going to sing and enjoy them. I just want to have fun this weekend with my colleagues! :D

I Love Mornings No Matter The Weather

The sun hasn't really shone it's rays for days now. It's still windy outside and the rain kept falling from time to time. I like the cold morning breeze but I just hope it's not going to rain very hard because I don't like going home in the mornings fighting the rain with my umbrella and going through the flooded streets of Metro Manila.

I don't go straight home in the mornings, actually. I always drop by my Kiddo's house, chat with his Mom and Dad and then give my Kiddo a big hug. Sometimes even wake him up for breakfast. :D Just like what I did today!

Despite the weather, I'd be coming home later with a big smile on my face. I love mornings!!! :D