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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Piano Lessons For Brandon

The most soothing musical instrument that I was able to play was the piano. I took piano lessons when I was in high school. I was good at it. In fact, I received an award during my first recital.

I didn't mind playing the piano all by myself in a big auditorium during those days. I wasn't scared even if I was alone. I practiced my piece almost everyday during my free time. I just love it when it was my turn for the piano lessons. I was a teacher's favorite that time because according to her, I learn so fast. Maybe because I'm passionate about playing the piano.

Unfortunately, I just have memories of playing it. I didn't own a piano so the piano lessons just got wasted. Now that I'm a grown up and will be taking care of my nephew, Brandon, I'm planning to have him take piano lessons. This time, if ever he will be passionate about it like I did, I'll ask his parents to buy him an akai mpk49 keyboards or a real piano. 

By then, my dream of playing it again will come to reality. I just hope I won't be too old to play it.

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