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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Legitimate Or Not?

My brother is already processing his requirements to work abroad. He asked me to visit the agency that's going to help him get the job overseas. Just to make sure the agency is legit since he's also going to send his placement fee soon. Scams are rampant here in the Philippines so we want to make sure that the money will be given to a  legitimate agency. We don't want to be victims of a scam.

I can sense that despite my brother's anxiety since he's leaving his son behind to work abroad, he's also excited about being able to practice his profession and also check out hi tech gadgets like a cpu cart overseas. He's a registered nurse and he can't land a job here in the Philippines. That's all Registered Nurses' agony here in our country. There's not enough employment here for them and even if they get employed, they won't be compensated well. So it's better to seek employment abroad.

As soon as he's able to pay his placement fee, he will be leaving soon enough since the agency will get the money they were asking from him. I will have to find out the legitimacy of this agency tomorrow. Or else, he will look for another one to help him get a job very soon.

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