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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Got Lazy Because I Have No Lappy

Finally, an update! I can't think of any reasons to tell you guys why I haven't done any articles in my blogs lately. I just got lazy. That's it. No excuses right now.

I'm getting tired of doing my online chores in internet shops. Yelling online gamers piss me off, especially the hard headed kids who can't play without shouting and cussing. You'll feel like shouting back at them to shut them off but you don't want to do that because it will make no sense. You'll just get yourself in trouble if you'll do that. And not to mention the awful smell because of improper ventilation in internet shops. You really can't concentrate on what you're writing when inside cheap internet cafes. Obviously, I prefer going to cheap internet cafes. I don't want to be spending that much, that's why I end up getting lazy doing my online chores.

Thanks to my boyfriend's sister who allowed me to use her laptop. I heard she and her sons are staying here for good, I can borrow her lappy once in a while until I have enough money to pay for a new laptop.

For now, I'll content myself sharing someone else's lappy. :)

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