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Monday, July 30, 2012

Check Out Lainy's And Raquel's Online Stores

I'm excited about receiving new sets of clothes I ordered from Lainy and Raquel. Well, those are pre-used clothes by these ladies which they decided to sell out online. They actually posted new sets of clothing on their online stores. I don't want to view them right now because I don't want to get tempted. I'm on a tight budget. It's the time of the month that I got a lot of bills to pay. :D

Anyway, here are Lainy's and Raquel's links on FB that you guys would like to check out and see if there are clothes you'd like to purchase. They are affordable clothes. Most of them, since pre-used, are sold half the price from mall price. You can all check 'em out on these links:

Happy shopping!

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