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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Back Up Plan on HBO

HBO has been showing the movie The Back Up Plan. I've already watched it 2 years ago since JLO is one of my favorite actresses when it comes to romantic comedy. The movie gives me the same "kilig" feeling. It's a shivery, chilling feeling, a "feel good" one that you feel when you're infatuated or in love.

JLO played as Zoe, a single woman who decided to get artificial insemination. On the same day, she met Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) whom she accidentally met in the taxi. By coincidence or fate, the ran into each other once again in a farmer's market. The handsome Stan was selling cheese. :D When they met at a pet store again, Stan took advantage of the opportunity to as Zoe on a date which turned out to be a disaster yet a fun dinner date. To make things up with Zoe, Stan invited her to come to his farm in the weekend. Later he found out that Zoe is pregnant. He was shocked with the confession but stayed anyway.

There were several ups and downs that they had to go through in the movie. Just like normal couple, they quarrel a lot. Until they gave up on each other but still got together because Zoe found out the Stan was really in love with her because of a Bumbleride's double stroller. He asked the company to make a stroller for Zoe's twins.

Like all the other love stories, they both ended up together and lived happily ever after. :D

I'm not a good storyteller! LOL! You're going to see the movie on HBO this hole month of July anyway. :D

Check Out Lainy's And Raquel's Online Stores

I'm excited about receiving new sets of clothes I ordered from Lainy and Raquel. Well, those are pre-used clothes by these ladies which they decided to sell out online. They actually posted new sets of clothing on their online stores. I don't want to view them right now because I don't want to get tempted. I'm on a tight budget. It's the time of the month that I got a lot of bills to pay. :D

Anyway, here are Lainy's and Raquel's links on FB that you guys would like to check out and see if there are clothes you'd like to purchase. They are affordable clothes. Most of them, since pre-used, are sold half the price from mall price. You can all check 'em out on these links:

Happy shopping!

A Preggy Friend

I read a friend's status in Facebook. She just shout to the world out that she's pregnant. It's going to be her and her husband's first baby. Wow! Time really fly that fast. Isn't just few months ago that they exchanged titanium wedding bands and were so happy being married to each other? My friend looked so in love with her husband. I'm really happy for her.

And then I realized, when I come home in my beloved province, I'm the only one who's not married and not even pregnant! LOL! Most of my friends over there have a family of their own. I can just imagine the questions they would be asking me when we get together. :D

I'm happy for my friends and I can't wait to see them real soon!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Got Lazy Because I Have No Lappy

Finally, an update! I can't think of any reasons to tell you guys why I haven't done any articles in my blogs lately. I just got lazy. That's it. No excuses right now.

I'm getting tired of doing my online chores in internet shops. Yelling online gamers piss me off, especially the hard headed kids who can't play without shouting and cussing. You'll feel like shouting back at them to shut them off but you don't want to do that because it will make no sense. You'll just get yourself in trouble if you'll do that. And not to mention the awful smell because of improper ventilation in internet shops. You really can't concentrate on what you're writing when inside cheap internet cafes. Obviously, I prefer going to cheap internet cafes. I don't want to be spending that much, that's why I end up getting lazy doing my online chores.

Thanks to my boyfriend's sister who allowed me to use her laptop. I heard she and her sons are staying here for good, I can borrow her lappy once in a while until I have enough money to pay for a new laptop.

For now, I'll content myself sharing someone else's lappy. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thank God For Good Bosses

I was making a report one day at the office. It was a heck of report. Something that I was really working hard for since I also have to present it to my bosses. When all of a sudden, my computer went dead on me! What a disaster! And there wasn't any server disaster recovery at that time! I really was too devastated because I haven't save whatever it is that I was doing.

So when I turned my computer back on, I had to do everything all over again. What a pain. I'm just glad that my bosses were kind enough to give me another week to finish my report and present it to them. 

Thank God for kind bosses! :D

Oh Happy Day!

Today is indeed a Beautiful Day!

May we all have a blessed Sunday!!! :D

Legitimate Or Not?

My brother is already processing his requirements to work abroad. He asked me to visit the agency that's going to help him get the job overseas. Just to make sure the agency is legit since he's also going to send his placement fee soon. Scams are rampant here in the Philippines so we want to make sure that the money will be given to a  legitimate agency. We don't want to be victims of a scam.

I can sense that despite my brother's anxiety since he's leaving his son behind to work abroad, he's also excited about being able to practice his profession and also check out hi tech gadgets like a cpu cart overseas. He's a registered nurse and he can't land a job here in the Philippines. That's all Registered Nurses' agony here in our country. There's not enough employment here for them and even if they get employed, they won't be compensated well. So it's better to seek employment abroad.

As soon as he's able to pay his placement fee, he will be leaving soon enough since the agency will get the money they were asking from him. I will have to find out the legitimacy of this agency tomorrow. Or else, he will look for another one to help him get a job very soon.

Spending Out Of My Budget

My boyfriend and I went out to buy some groceries last night. I was planning to just purchase some bath accessories and also my bathroom necessities. But then, like the usual, whenever I get to the groceries section, I can't help but also buy the not-so-necessary things. So I end up going out of my budget. Sigh. Making my grocery list doesn't work for me, I guess.

But I got an idea. The next time I shop for my groceries, I won't fill my wallet with cash anymore. I'll just bring the cash intended for the list. I would be able to stick to the budget that way. :D I just hope there isn't any ATM machines available in the grocery store! LOL!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rest In Peace, Comedy King

Dolphy, the Comedy King of Philippine Cinema died last night. He suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Filipinos are now mourning for someone who have made them laugh. Dolphy will truly be missed!

Piano Lessons For Brandon

The most soothing musical instrument that I was able to play was the piano. I took piano lessons when I was in high school. I was good at it. In fact, I received an award during my first recital.

I didn't mind playing the piano all by myself in a big auditorium during those days. I wasn't scared even if I was alone. I practiced my piece almost everyday during my free time. I just love it when it was my turn for the piano lessons. I was a teacher's favorite that time because according to her, I learn so fast. Maybe because I'm passionate about playing the piano.

Unfortunately, I just have memories of playing it. I didn't own a piano so the piano lessons just got wasted. Now that I'm a grown up and will be taking care of my nephew, Brandon, I'm planning to have him take piano lessons. This time, if ever he will be passionate about it like I did, I'll ask his parents to buy him an akai mpk49 keyboards or a real piano. 

By then, my dream of playing it again will come to reality. I just hope I won't be too old to play it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Father's Love

I can just imagine how hard it would be for my brother to leave his son behind. He will soon be leaving to work as a nurse in the Middle East in 3 or 4 months from now. Although I'll be there to take care of his son and our Mother, I know as time passes by until he leaves, he secretly cries with just the thought of leaving.

He doesn't tell me  how he really feels for now.  My brother is too busy at home anyway. But when he leaves, I will definitely tell him that his son will be in good hands because I'll take good care of Brandon like my own. We will be sending him holiday cards and make sure to communicate and update him of any developments via the social networking sites.

I know words wouldn't be enough but being far from your loved ones is very difficult. He just have to sacrifice being away from his son for now.