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Friday, June 22, 2012

Directions For A Meet Up

It is so hard to locate your destination especially if it's your first time to ever set foot to an unfamiliar place. Not to mention the weather condition while trying to find your way to where you're heading.

My Kiddo and I just experience this difficulty when we headed to my cousin Michelle's place last Sunday. I have been there before but I commuted and it was morning when I went there. It's pretty easy to get the instructions if you ride on public transports. Unlike being on a motorcycle, not to mention the rain pouring so hard last Sunday evening. Kiddo haven't decided which motorcycle gps to buy so his motorcycle isn't equipped with one that evening. We have to make several stops, ask strangers and sometimes talk to Michelle and Jon over the phone for directions. 

It wasn't an easy ride. But thankfully, we safely arrived at their place that night. Kiddo met Michelle and Jon for the first time that night and it wasn't bad. :)

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