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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Worrier Mom.. :(

Since I got back home, my mother kept telling me about what my siblings and I should do especially with the money now that she's old and getting sick. She really think she's not going to live longer anymore. I don't like the thought. I always shrug her off whenever she say things like that. She worries too much. She even gets to the point of thinking about getting a funeral planning guide just so when she dies, we won't have to worry about finances that much. Duh! My mother... If you were her daughter, rolling your eyes will be like a normal thing to do at home. Most of the time I try to change the topic so that she won't be talking too much nonsense. What child would want to listen to a parent who talks about death when she's not even at her death bed yet? Maybe I just can't take the thought of it yet.

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