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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spending More Time With My Nephew

 So happy to be spending time with my nephew, Brandon Zyl. :D I hope he doesn't grow up fast.

I wish I'd be able to spend more time with him on my next vacation. I'm almost leaving for Manila and I'm missing him already. Sigh!

6-Day Vacation Is Almost Over...

My 6-day vacation will be over tomorrow. I'd be heading to Davao today, my last stop, and then off to Manila tomorrow afternoon. Sigh! My vacation is indeed not enough.

I'll be buying some things for those special people back in Manila. I certainly won't be buying rosary beads personalized since my friends are not Roman Catholics. I might just bring some specialties from Davao City and checkout some other accessories (i.e. bracelets or t-shirts) made in Davao. I'm sure they'd love it.

For now, I'm making the most of the few hours I'd get to spend with my Mom, brother and the little kid. I'd be in Davao later.

Checking Out A Piece Of Property

My Mom and I are going to check the property she bought for me later today. It is a piece of land that she kept telling me about. She has been wanting me to see it but I just didn't have the time whenever I'm home. I'm just being stubborn most of the time. I hope we would be able to build a nice house in it with a balcony, a patio and a corner fireplace for the winter. Not that is snows here. It's just nice having a fireplace at home. :D

There's a lot of things my Mom would like to do today but we won't have enough time to do all of them. I'll just schedule another homecoming before the end of this year and make sure to accommodate whatever plans my Mom have.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Home Sweet Home!

I'm on my 5th day of vacationing here at my hometown. I've been to places already just to see my loved ones. I can't get them all together in one place so I have to be the one to go to them (Polomolok, South Cotabato; Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat and General Santos City. I've been having a great time to say the least and wishing I will get to spend more time with my family. I only have less than 24 hours to spend time with my Mother, brother and nephew and I'll be off to Davao City tomorrow to see some more relatives. I haven't visited one place unfortunately. I owe my relatives in Tupi South Cotabato a visit. But I just don't have enough time. I know they'll understand.

Pictures are coming soon! So stick around! :D

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Worrier Mom.. :(

Since I got back home, my mother kept telling me about what my siblings and I should do especially with the money now that she's old and getting sick. She really think she's not going to live longer anymore. I don't like the thought. I always shrug her off whenever she say things like that. She worries too much. She even gets to the point of thinking about getting a funeral planning guide just so when she dies, we won't have to worry about finances that much. Duh! My mother... If you were her daughter, rolling your eyes will be like a normal thing to do at home. Most of the time I try to change the topic so that she won't be talking too much nonsense. What child would want to listen to a parent who talks about death when she's not even at her death bed yet? Maybe I just can't take the thought of it yet.

6-Day Vacation Is Not Enough

This is the only vacation here in GenSan that I won't be able to get a chance to jam with the Kuerdas Band on their gigs. I've been very busy spending time with my family, which is by the way worth it. :D Besides, I only have 6 days vacation so there's no doubt I can't be with the band even for just a night. I won't be able to play guitars with dulcimer strings on stage with them.

I'm thinking about taking a longer vacation on my next homecoming. 6-day vacation is not enough.In that way, I will have enough time to visit some more relatives and friends and most of all, I'd be able to sing on stage with Kuerdas. :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

happy mothers day quotes

It's all there is on the poem above. I love you, my dear Nanay, and to all the wonderful mothers out there!!! Thanks for everything!

happy mothers day

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday Sickly Post

I'm sick. I was on sick leave last night. I had splitting headache and got bad flu. I decided to send my boss a text message telling her I won't be able go to work last night.

I'm glad I had all the night to rest. I still have a weird voice right now. And I have to report back to work tonight. I wonder how my voice sounds like over the phone whenever I have flu. I wish I don't have to go to work tonight but I have to. Got a lot of things to accomplish. Sigh.

I hope to get well very soon. :(

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quelly's Blue Birthday Bash

A friend of ours, Raquel, celebrated her birthday the same day with Lainy's Mom - May 1st. She made a post-celebration last Saturday to accommodate us, her friends here in Manila. Raquel a.k.a Quelly has a been a family friend for years. :)
The birthday girl at the center of all 3 pictures
She decided to have a blue birthday bash. She wanted everybody to wear a blue top or at least a blue-accented top. I decided to wear the bluest blue. LOL!
Yours truly and Quelly
Quelly chose to celebrate her birthday at Hongkong Master Cook at the Seaside, Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City. It's just nearby my place so I didn't hesitate to be present at her birthday bash. The sumptuous meal was served on time. There were different kinds of seafood menu that was served. They were all yummy!

This is one big fish in a platter! :)

Everybody full after meal! :)
Belated Happy Birthday Quelly! Thanks for the oh so yummy treat!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

T-shirt, Pants And Chuck

Outfits always have to be right not only for whatever occasions but also for the season. Since it's summer here in the Philippines, on our normal day to day life, we should still be aware of the right outfit to wear even if it's just a simple streetwear.

Personally, I'd prefer wearing shorts (not too skimpy shorts) when going out with friends especially if involves travelling. But if it doesn't, like just going to the malls, I'd prefer a t-shirt, a pair of pants and my fave pair of chuck. :)

Here's a picture of myself with my fave cousins at GenSan on a mall trip in a fine day. :D

What is your choice of outfit for a normal day?

Friday, May 4, 2012

In Between Summer And Rain

Summer is almost over. Thank goodness! I can't bear too much of the heat and humidity anymore. We've been experiencing rain-showers every now and then. Just enough to relieve the recent summer heat. It feels like we're in between summer and rainy season right now! :)

I watched the news the other night and heard from Kuya Kim, the famous weather forecaster here in the Philippines, that rainy season is going to be coming early on or before the last week of May. According to him, if we hated the summer heat, which by the way reached an excruciating 37 degrees Celsius four days ago, we will also hate the upcoming rainy season. Sigh. It's always the extreme summer and rainy seasons here in our country.

Although it seemed that the 37 degrees temperature is already unbearable, it couldn't beat the hottest temperature that happened in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan (a city in one of the many provinces here in the Philippines) on May 11, 1969 which reached 42.2 degrees Celsius. Geez!

I'm enjoying today's weather. I think I'd be able to sleep soundly all day today. It's not humid at all!

I hope you all are having a fine Friday no matter the weather temperature! :)