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Friday, April 20, 2012

Pending Washing Machine Acquisition

I can't stop thinking about my laundry. My hamper has been filled up with my worn clothes since last week. I've been having problems with doing my laundry lately. No matter how little clothes I wash, my hands kept getting bruised. :( I don't want to bring my clothes to the laundry shop because the people there just mess my clothes up.

I still haven't bought that washing machine I've been planning to buy since last year, that's why. Whenever I'm all set on my budget for the washing machine, something more important comes up. Just like my homecoming next month. I have to save money for my trip back home. :D

Anyway, I promise to save for the washing machine after my 5-day vacation next month. I'd start investing for appliances and furniture from that point onwards. I'm even planning to buy beautifully made rustic furniture once I find a better apartment soon. I got a lot of plans, obviously. :D

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