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Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Ready For A Sports Fest

My Kiddo is in charge of holding a Sports Fest in our church locale until next month. This is one of our projects while most the kids are on their summer vacation. It's the best time of the year to engage to sports, have fun and at the same time, bond with their parents and siblings and friends. It's an event that all the families at our church locale would love to be part of.

The other night, my Kiddo and I went to the mall to canvass, check on the prices on the sports equipment that we are planning to use for the activity. We got a bit disappointed because all of them are really costly.

We also checked on some sports equipment not included on the list of games that's lined up for the activity. Like golf clubs and printed golf balls and also rugby balls. Not everyone could afford to play the games anyway. They're costly. :) Just checkin 'em out, anyway!

I hope we will get the fund that we need for the activity. Most of all, we all wish and pray that the activity is going to be a success.

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