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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anxious Of Long Motorcycle Trip

I am my Kiddo's number one passenger on his motorcycle. When he bought it last year, I was his first passenger. He still wasn't my boyfriend at that time. I really never thought he will end up to be my boyfriend.

It was only once when him and I went together for a long motorcycle ride. It was when he asked me to accompany him to process some government documents on a nearby city for his employment. I remember that day to be very hot. You can just imagine how exhausting it was during that trip under the heat of the sun. The helmet he let me wear that day made me more uncomfortable. Although it's a need for safety, motorcycle helmets really make me feel anxious. But I had no choice, did I?

We didn't make trips like that anymore. I don't want to experience having back aches and getting burned for that type of trip. I'd rather commute the next time he'd ask for my company.

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