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Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Upcoming Birthday Bashes

I'll be home for my nephew's 4th birthday. I'm excited about it! Coincidentally, I'm also going to be home on my cousin - Mark's birthday bash. He's the main vocalist of the Kuerdas Band where I used to be a member.

Mark got very sick a couple of weeks ago and is now recuperating. He was struck by severe Pneumonia. We haven't talked on the phone yet. But when I get to see him soon, I'd joke about this being his second life. :D

I got a lot of options for my nephew's birthday gift. But I haven't thought about a gift for my cousin. I wonder if a maru guitar do exist. I wonder how much it costs. Just thinking...:)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pending Washing Machine Acquisition

I can't stop thinking about my laundry. My hamper has been filled up with my worn clothes since last week. I've been having problems with doing my laundry lately. No matter how little clothes I wash, my hands kept getting bruised. :( I don't want to bring my clothes to the laundry shop because the people there just mess my clothes up.

I still haven't bought that washing machine I've been planning to buy since last year, that's why. Whenever I'm all set on my budget for the washing machine, something more important comes up. Just like my homecoming next month. I have to save money for my trip back home. :D

Anyway, I promise to save for the washing machine after my 5-day vacation next month. I'd start investing for appliances and furniture from that point onwards. I'm even planning to buy beautifully made rustic furniture once I find a better apartment soon. I got a lot of plans, obviously. :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My 29th

There are so much blessings I'd like to thank God for on my birthday! He gave me good health all throughout the year. He gave me a great job. He gave me real friends that I can truly rely on. And most of all, he gave me my Kiddo! :D

Here are the birthday gifts on my 29th:

1. Ca$h from Lainy! :D

2. A photo collage from colleagues:

3. A cute caricature from my friend, Irene.
4. Food prepared by my Kiddo's Mom, Dad and sisters.

5. Flowers from my Kiddo.
6. And a kiss! LOL!
Thank you, dear Lord for the happiness! :D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Outdoor Birthday Bash For My Nephew

I was able to confirm my booked flight for next month's homecoming.I'll finally get to spend time bonding with my family after more than year. I'm coming home for my nephews birthday celebration. I've already asked my brother what celebration he's got in mind. He told me over the phone that he wanted us to be spending it at a resort. I'm still not sure if we'd stay overnight and chat around a bonfire or some outdoor firepits. My hyperactive nephew would love that, for sure.

I'm really excited about my homecoming. I haven't seen my family for a while. I'm happy to finally be able to be present at my 1st nephew's birthday bash!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anxious Of Long Motorcycle Trip

I am my Kiddo's number one passenger on his motorcycle. When he bought it last year, I was his first passenger. He still wasn't my boyfriend at that time. I really never thought he will end up to be my boyfriend.

It was only once when him and I went together for a long motorcycle ride. It was when he asked me to accompany him to process some government documents on a nearby city for his employment. I remember that day to be very hot. You can just imagine how exhausting it was during that trip under the heat of the sun. The helmet he let me wear that day made me more uncomfortable. Although it's a need for safety, motorcycle helmets really make me feel anxious. But I had no choice, did I?

We didn't make trips like that anymore. I don't want to experience having back aches and getting burned for that type of trip. I'd rather commute the next time he'd ask for my company.

Friday, April 6, 2012

To Work Or To Go On Vacay???

I'm getting confused already. My vacation leave is approved for today. Yet, I still haven't made up my mind whether to go to Gumaca, Quezon Province and spend time with friends and my Kiddo or cancel the leave and work tonight to take advantage of the double pay...

My companions for the Gumaca trip have already gone there last night. I will have to travel alone and suprise my Kiddo. The thing is, since today is Good Friday, I'm not sure if there will still be a transport bus that's scheduled to travel today. I will have to find out later.

If ever I'd cancel the vacation leave, I'll have time to do my laundry, save money for my birthday and earn some more money because of the holiday pay. Sigh. But I'll be spending a day and a half vacation with my honeybunch... LOL! What a dilemma!

Getting Ready For A Sports Fest

My Kiddo is in charge of holding a Sports Fest in our church locale until next month. This is one of our projects while most the kids are on their summer vacation. It's the best time of the year to engage to sports, have fun and at the same time, bond with their parents and siblings and friends. It's an event that all the families at our church locale would love to be part of.

The other night, my Kiddo and I went to the mall to canvass, check on the prices on the sports equipment that we are planning to use for the activity. We got a bit disappointed because all of them are really costly.

We also checked on some sports equipment not included on the list of games that's lined up for the activity. Like golf clubs and printed golf balls and also rugby balls. Not everyone could afford to play the games anyway. They're costly. :) Just checkin 'em out, anyway!

I hope we will get the fund that we need for the activity. Most of all, we all wish and pray that the activity is going to be a success.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Kiddo And The Negatives

I often stay at my boyfriend's place lately. He lives with her Mom and Dad and his sisters that's why I like going there. Not only am I able to bond with his family, I am also able to eat delicious home-cooked meals and help out on some house chores. :D I'm able to get to know my Kiddo a little bit more. Even his negative attitudes, unfortunately.

I found out that him being the youngest among his 3 siblings (not to mention being the only son), he's too stubborn. He's not a morning person and he doesn't do some tasks right away when being asked. He just do whatever pleases him. We even quarrelled over replacing the gaskets on the kitchen sink because he doesn't want to fix it right away. And he's the only person who can do it. I'm the type of person who wanted my commands to be obeyed right away because I don't like delays on whatever I'm doing. I feel like a nagging wife whenever we fight. LOL! After few more naggings and proddings, he will decide to fix it. That's when the fighting stops. :D And then we're back to being okay.

I can see that my boyfriend is trying to change his negative traits for our relationship to work. At least he's trying real hard. :) I also have a lot of bad attitudes and like him, I also try hard to eliminate those. It's just not that easy to change for someone but we have to at least try, right?

Despite the negative attitudes, we both love each other! And that's the most important thing, isn't it? :)