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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finally An Acne-Free Face! :)

I just realized, I haven't ranted about my acne problem on any of my blogs. Well, that is because there's not much to rant about anymore! :D

I went to see a dermatologist sometime in January of this year. As soon as the doctor saw my face that day, he did not hesitate to recommend anti-acne products. I was a bit hesistant because the products are costly but since the doctor told me that they are effective, I set aside my doubts. It's about time for me to trust a dermatologist.

I'll make a separate post about the products I'm using. For now, I just want you all to know that I'm confident with how I look. Although there are still acne scars but they're not too visible anymore. I can now have my hair pulled back in a ponytail without having to worry about people to stare at my face. A lot of my friends noticed the changes and the compliments keep on coming! :)

Seeking for a doctor's advise for the right beauty products is indeed the safest and the most effective way especially if women like myself have very sensitive skin type. I'm really thankful that I was able to find the right products to use. I finally have an acne-free face!

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