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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Horse Whisperer

I have seen several horse movies but this one particular movie entitled "The Horse Whisperer" really touched my heart. It was a 1998 movie film which starred the young Scarlett Johansson, Grace Maclean, a distraught teenager who's leg got partially amputated because of an accident with her traumatized horse. Both of them needed to heal from the trauma of the accident so Grace's Mom, Annie (Kristin Scott Thomas) desperately seek help from a "horse whisperer", Tom (Robert Redford).

The film was shot in the Montana hills. It's funny that roads over there don't have road signs. The movie showcased beautiful mountains, locations, horses, english horse tack, and also ranches with horses and cows.

The movie made me wonder, is there really a horse whisperer?

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