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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

My boyfriend and I were somehow traumatized with the "house break-in" incident which happened in October of last year. We were together when we arrived in my pad from a Chruch event that we both participated in. As soon as I opened the gate we saw my front door unlocked and my laptop gone. Looking back, I was totally devastated with what happened.

The next day, my kido changed the locks on my door. Even made three locks on it. You can say it's a paranoia but who can blame him?

Up until now, me and all the other boarders in that compound are very cautious about making sure lock the gate whenever we go in and out even if it's just for a short while. All of us don't want to experience what had happened last year. Sometimes though, I still can't help but think whether it was an inside job or not. I will have to put locks on my door even if I will just have to use the bathroom. I don't have mesa safes in my room to place my valuable stuffs in. I know it's a bad thing to do but you can't just trust anyone these days.

The experience taught me a lot of things. But sometimes I'm just too lazy to put double locks on the door. My boyfriend has to scold me whenever he knew about my stubborness. He's right anyway. It's always better to be "safe" than sorry. :)

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