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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Barkin' Like A Dawg

I got swollen tonsils again this week. I went straight to the doctor yesterday after work. As expected, I was given medications - antibiotics and was told to gargle Bactidol twice a day. I hate being sick because it makes me feel drowsy all the time. I don't want to be absent from work because I won't be able to get the incentive for complete attendance. So even if I'm barking like a dog at my work station (coughing because of itchy throat), I still report at work despite not feeling well. I don't want to stay at home anyway.

One more shift for this week and it's my vacation leave. At least I got 3 days to recuperate. I hope I won't be doing much this weekend so that I can take a rest.
I'm feeling a bit stressed out from work, I guess. One of our team mates resigned from her post. Some of her work loads were passed on to me. I'm still trying to adjust to additional work load.

It's Thursday and it's Church time later tonight. I better go to bed early so that I'd wake up on time for Church. I hope I won't oversleep this time around. :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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