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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My 2 Favorite Peeps Are Expecting A Baby!

Recently, my cousin Michelle made an announcement about her being pregnant! I was just so happy for her and her husband, Jon. I'm really excited about an additional cuddly baby in our family!

I haven't seen the couple for months now although they also live here in Manila. It's not that I don't have the qualms of seeing them. I just hate travelling to where they are at. It's traffic most of the time on way and that's what I mostly hate about Manila. But because of the recent announcement, I really feel the need to see them! I have to buy gifts for them though! Maybe a dress for Michelle, cigars for Jon and... I honestly haven't thought of what to bring to the baby yet! Haha! We don't even know the gender yet.

I really miss them. I better check my calendar and schedule a get together with them soon! :D

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rona said...

Well I have a suggestion for that Ally! Why not bring a mosquito net for the upcoming baby. Yung parang kahawig lang ng cover ng pagkain. Haha. True! When I was asked by a friend to be her daughter's ninang, yun ang dinala ko. Super nacutean sila magasawa. Blue na lang din kasi unisex naman ung color na yan!

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