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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bourne Legacy Shooting At Taft

Bourne Legacy casts and crew were now shooting in Taft Avenue, Manila. It's where I normally pass by on my way home from work. I was excited when I heard about the shooting. At last, I won't have to go to Hollywood to see an international film being done.

I had everything planned, actually. I charged the battery of my camera. When I finished my shift at work, I was so excited to reach the Taft Avenue train station because just right outside it was where the shooting of the film is being done.

Much to my dismay, nobody were allowed to take any pictures. The police and other hired civilians around watched the place not only for a lot spectators but also for people who take pictures. I was really excited to post some photos here at my blog. Unfortunately, I don't have any. Too scared to even take my camera from my bag.

I didn't see any of the stars. Not even Jeremy Renner nor Edward Norton! Sigh. There were too many people and I just got tired of standing out there, try and take a glimpse of some of the casts of Bourne Legacy.

I'll just wait for the movie to show on theaters. I'll just content myself to the big screen, I guess.

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