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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vanity For Self Esteem

Whenever break ups happen, most of us girls head our way to salons and spas. It's not because we wanted our ex-boyfriends to take us back in their arms but because these places are one of the best places to get relaxed. I actually got myself a massage a day after my boyfriend and I broke up. It somehow helped me not think about the guy. The soothing pressure and strokes on my back somehow took my sadness for the mean time. Since I asked the masseuse to come over my house, I was able to I doze off to la-la-land after the massage!

I'm planning to go to the salon this weekend. A new haircut for the new year isn't a bad idea, is it? I'm bored with my long straight hair anyway. I wonder what haircut I'd prefer. I also should be ready with some extra cash because I know for sure that the staff at the salon will be offering some more services that I might take advantage of. Like eyelash growth products if I'll have my eyelashes extended. I haven't ever done that though.

Anyway, trying to look good won't be about mr. EX. I'd be over him soon. I'll just try and do things that will help improve my self-esteem. In that way, I'll feel good about myself and not think about the guy who has taken me for granted, again.

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