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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Patch Things Up With Friends

I had some issues with my life this past couple of days. It did not come to the point of me turning into alcohol or cigarettes, though. I never liked liquors and never turned to drugs anyway whenever I have problems, so there won’t be any chance that I’d end up in santa barbara drug alcohol rehab treatment center. When I feel sad, I may separate myself to the world so I can think. And in just a day or two, I’d be able to come back to my senses. Most of the time, in my solitude, I’ll realize that I never will be alone because I have my friends and family and a great God to help me in any adversities.

It’s just sad because sometimes I disappoint some people and might even hurt most of them but since they are real friends, they always forgive me.

I hope with my personal issues lately, I can patch things up with them.

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