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Friday, December 9, 2011

I'll Be Out Of The Office Tonight! :)

My vacation leave for tonight was approved by my manager! I’m so glad that I don’t encounter any problems whenever I ask for extra day off. My boss said as long as I file my vacation leaves ahead of time and that no one had gotten the slot yet and I won’t be doing it too often, I can go on leave especially when it’s really important.

I’ll be out of the office tonight because the kids at Church are going to hold their Year-End Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’m one of those who’s going to help out with the activity. The kids are going to get a lot of goodies tomorrow! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a day filled with fun for them.

I love long weekends. I used to have 3 days off at Convergys which is my previous employer. But I have to be at work, talking to upset people for 11 hours in 4 days a week. It was exhausting. My schedule right now here at Emerson is fair enough for me. I have normal weekends although I still work at night. My job is not anymore as stressful, anyway.

It’s Friday! Let's take care and enjoy the weekend ahead!


Elvirah said...

Nice to know that you got a holiday today and a 3 day off. I wish you a nice weekend ahead.

chels said...

girlash, me 2 last day is 12/30. finally, vacation din ako after my resignation. i am so tired na e. pm me sa fb kung maganda pay jan ha. chels pala to

ally said...


Hi! Thanks for dropping by! I definitely had a blast last weekend. I hope you did too! TC!



Hi girl! Why are you resigning na naman? hehe... I'll send a message on fb na lang, ok? haha! i miss you chelly! mwah!