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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun To Watch Storage Wars

One of the shows in BIO Channel that I recently get fond of watching is Storage Wars. Up until now, it still amazes me that they were able to put up a show about "wars" on storage units. Not exactly the bloody "war". It's about guys who basically bid over auctioned storage units.

The bidders in the show are: Barry (the collector), Dave (the pro), Darrell (the gambler) and Jarrod & Brandi (the newbies). They bid on a unit which they are at first not allowed to get in. They are given a 5-minute look at the storage unit from the doorway and wonder if the unit has a potential of having hidden treasures. They must have good eyes to win a jackpot from one of those units.

I’ve watched series of episodes already and got surprised several times on how each of them get lucky and how some of them get unfortunate. It’s like gambling, you know. It’s even amazing when one of them finds something that I thought don’t have value but, voila! The price of the treasure, when got sold out to collectors, was more than what they have bargained for the unit.

There was even an instance that Darrell the Gambler was able to find valuable silver dollar coins. He must have a morgan dollar price guide to know in just one glance that those coins are of high value.

These guys are funny in a lot of ways. Their differences make the show even more fun and exciting to watch.

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