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Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're Doing A Great Job!

I reported an hour early at work last night. It was basically an hour post shift over time so I didn't think twice about coming to work early since I'll get paid an hour over time for it. :)

One of our clients from the United States came to visit our team here in Manila. My boss was a bit anxious about the meeting. I kind of helped out in the preparation since I really didn't have much to do when I came in the office. We set up the coffee-maker, some pastries were ready at a corner of the conference room before our visitor came in. It was just a small task and I don't know if I can pass for Host/Hostess Jobs for that. LOL! At least I had something to do instead of feeling drowsy while waiting for the client.

The meeting went well. The client seemed to be a "jolly-good-fella". Haha! He's got a good sense of humour so we didn't get bored while he showed us how our team did a great job on keeping the business stable. I liked how he appreciated the work we do for the company.

After the meeting, we chatted with him for a while with our cups of coffee half-full and at the same time nible the yummy pastries that our manager bought for us. It was quite a treat!

It was just 5 months since I started working here at Emerson but I feel like I have worked here for a year already. The people here are just great and they make me feel like I really belong here. The work load isn't stressful which is what I like the most. I hope I'd settle here for good. I don't want to go through tedious job-hunting anymore.

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