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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Visit To A Dentist Before Year Ends

My dental and medical cards were also stolen by the thief who broke in my house about a month ago so I had to have it deactivated and I requested new cards to the nurse at the office. I thought if I didn't have it replaced, will the burglar be able to use it? He got some of my I.D.'s too that's why I had a feeling he'd be able to take advantage of my healthcards. LOL

Anyway, I'm supposed to get those replacement cards at the nurse's station but I always forget to do it. I remember I have to visit a dentist to clean my teeth. :) I used to be scared of dentists when I was a kid but I like going to them now that I'm an adult. Especially when the dentists are gentle enough to fix my teeth. Their assistants sometimes wear nice medical scrubs maybe to make the kids feel comfortable with them and help the dentists out with patients.

I hope I'd be able to find time to visit a dentist soon. I like my teeth to be thoroughly clean before this year ends.

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