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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bonuses, Holidays and Giving Thanks!

Holiday bonuses are up for grabs to most employees during this time of the year. Just thinking about going to the malls with so many people shopping (for sure) and bar code scanners like that of POS Hardware that'll will be heard all over the counters at the malls make me feel anxious already. I don't really like going out especially this season because I know that people are all out there thinking of different ways to spend their money. And most of the malls entice people even more to shop by going on sale! Ah! Holiday season is definitely in the air!

Let's just be safe everyone because thieves and culprits will also take advantage of the season. Always be mindful if you go out and withdraw your hard-earned money. As much as possible don't go out alone. Shop with friends or loved ones. Besides, shopping with friends or family is more enjoyable and safe than going out alone.

This year is about to end. Let's all be thankful for everything. We may have experienced trials but we still should be thankful because we have surpassed them and, yeah, we're still alive and kicking! :D Let's also not forget to give back all the glory and honor to our Almighty God who had never forsaken us!

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