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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Itching For A New Laptop

I haven't visited my Facebook account for weeks now. You must be wondering why I can't when I'm able to update my blogs. I just couldn't do it here at work. And honestly, I hate going to internet cafes and deal with the noisy computer users out there who play games on the computers. Sigh. I really miss going online in the comforts of my home.

I've been itching to buy a new laptop lately but I don't have the money yet. My 13th month bonus isn't enough to buy one. Besides, there are other more important things to buy and bills to pay before the year ends. I won't even be able to go home to the province on New Year's eve because the money won't suffice the expenses. I will have to wait until I get through this year and be a regular employee of Emerson (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that).

For my laptop, my itching can wait. I know there'd still be clearance laptops sale next year. I'll just content myself with whatever is available right now. Facebook can also wait until I have the time to go the internet cafe. :D Let me take each step slowly but surely!

Bonuses, Holidays and Giving Thanks!

Holiday bonuses are up for grabs to most employees during this time of the year. Just thinking about going to the malls with so many people shopping (for sure) and bar code scanners like that of POS Hardware that'll will be heard all over the counters at the malls make me feel anxious already. I don't really like going out especially this season because I know that people are all out there thinking of different ways to spend their money. And most of the malls entice people even more to shop by going on sale! Ah! Holiday season is definitely in the air!

Let's just be safe everyone because thieves and culprits will also take advantage of the season. Always be mindful if you go out and withdraw your hard-earned money. As much as possible don't go out alone. Shop with friends or loved ones. Besides, shopping with friends or family is more enjoyable and safe than going out alone.

This year is about to end. Let's all be thankful for everything. We may have experienced trials but we still should be thankful because we have surpassed them and, yeah, we're still alive and kicking! :D Let's also not forget to give back all the glory and honor to our Almighty God who had never forsaken us!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Goodluck To The Turkeys!

I have a helluva-lot of things to do that's already lined up for my 4-day weekend. As what I've mentioned on my other blog, I'm one of those lucky employees who works for an American-owned company who allows us to also be on vacation when it's there Holiday in the U.S. It's Thanksgiving Day today for the Americans. Thank goodness! :)

As usual, I'm set to be very busy this coming days and most probably won't be online. I'm just saying. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Americans around the world. Goodluck to all the turkeys on this fateful day! :D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Visit To A Dentist Before Year Ends

My dental and medical cards were also stolen by the thief who broke in my house about a month ago so I had to have it deactivated and I requested new cards to the nurse at the office. I thought if I didn't have it replaced, will the burglar be able to use it? He got some of my I.D.'s too that's why I had a feeling he'd be able to take advantage of my healthcards. LOL

Anyway, I'm supposed to get those replacement cards at the nurse's station but I always forget to do it. I remember I have to visit a dentist to clean my teeth. :) I used to be scared of dentists when I was a kid but I like going to them now that I'm an adult. Especially when the dentists are gentle enough to fix my teeth. Their assistants sometimes wear nice medical scrubs maybe to make the kids feel comfortable with them and help the dentists out with patients.

I hope I'd be able to find time to visit a dentist soon. I like my teeth to be thoroughly clean before this year ends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're Doing A Great Job!

I reported an hour early at work last night. It was basically an hour post shift over time so I didn't think twice about coming to work early since I'll get paid an hour over time for it. :)

One of our clients from the United States came to visit our team here in Manila. My boss was a bit anxious about the meeting. I kind of helped out in the preparation since I really didn't have much to do when I came in the office. We set up the coffee-maker, some pastries were ready at a corner of the conference room before our visitor came in. It was just a small task and I don't know if I can pass for Host/Hostess Jobs for that. LOL! At least I had something to do instead of feeling drowsy while waiting for the client.

The meeting went well. The client seemed to be a "jolly-good-fella". Haha! He's got a good sense of humour so we didn't get bored while he showed us how our team did a great job on keeping the business stable. I liked how he appreciated the work we do for the company.

After the meeting, we chatted with him for a while with our cups of coffee half-full and at the same time nible the yummy pastries that our manager bought for us. It was quite a treat!

It was just 5 months since I started working here at Emerson but I feel like I have worked here for a year already. The people here are just great and they make me feel like I really belong here. The work load isn't stressful which is what I like the most. I hope I'd settle here for good. I don't want to go through tedious job-hunting anymore.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seldom Blog Update

Hello everyone!

As you all can see, I seldom go online lately. I really miss updating this blog and also get a peek on my Facebook account. I've been very busy and already lost some opportunities online. I hope I'd still be given future online assignments though. :(

I already have gotten over losing my laptop. I just can't find the time to go to the internet cafe as often as I want to because of my busy schedule. Hopefully I'd be able to manage my time well so I won't miss any opportunities online.

I hope you guys have a great week ahead! Take care ya'll! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missing My Dell Laptop... :(

It's been over a week now since the robbery. To those who haven't heard about it, I posted the full details here. I still feel bad about losing my laptop. You see, I can't go online as often as I want and obviously couldn't update my blog as much as I'd love to. But just like what the cliche say, I won't cry over spilled milk. It's gone and I can't do anything about it anymore.

I wonder how I'd be able to buy a laptop as soon as possible. I wish it's just easy to earn the money for the new laptop. Sigh. No matter how much I try to shrug off my loss, I still can't help but feel sad whenever it come across my mind.

I miss my Dell laptop. And I already lose hope about getting it back. :(