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Monday, October 17, 2011

Organizing A Church Activity

We had a Church activity last weekend where I, along with some friends, had the chance to organize. Organizing an event, even though it's just a simple one, is tiring yet rewarding. I'm glad to get help from friends who are very willing to make the event a success.

The preparations were a handful. We had to buy bunch of stuffs like tokens for the attendees, birthday celebrants' "little" memorabilia, name tags, invitations, printouts and a lot more. Not to mention getting every youth members of our Church locale get informed of the get together. We were given a week and a half to prepare. It was such a challenge to our group.

One of the goals of the get together is to make each one of the youth members participate in every activities that our Church administration proposed. Iglesia Ni Cristo is always keen on uniting each members of the Church. To have one goal, to serve and glorify our Father in heaven.

I didn't bring my camera because I forgot to charge it that's why I can't post the pictures of the event. But I can say it turned out to be a successful event, all to God's glory! And we were all thankful to have gotten through it by the help of our Almighty God. :D

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