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Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Really Addicted To Facebook! :D

With the on-going popularity of Facebook, almost everyone wanted to own a laptop so they can update their status every time they feel the need to. At the same time, they get updated about their friends' or loved one's status.

Honestly, Facebook is addictive. Some may not have realized it but Facebook, to most users, have eaten up most of their valuable time. I, myself, experience this. I spend a lot of time browsing through Facebook, ending up not able to accomplish more important personal chores. I even forget about updating my blogs because I always get caught up with my friends' stories at the famous social networking site for hours- commenting, chatting with some of them and clicking on the "LIKE" button. Haha!

Telecommunication companies also came up with letting their subscribers have access to Facebook anywhere they are. Well, as long as they get a WIFI service. They won't have to carry their laptops and reserve batteries like toshiba laptops batteries along with them because they can just use their phones to have access on Facebook. Ah! People just can't get enough of Facebook, can they?

As for me, I can live a day without Facebook. I guess I'm trying to resist getting addicted to it as much as I can. With my schedule and all that's going on with my busy life, it help me not to dwell on the internet that much. Although sometimes when I have the time to log on to my Facebook account, I feel a little behind on my friends' statuses. But it's okay. I can still somehow find time to browse a little bit of their stories and comment and "LIKE". :D

I'm not really addicted to Facebook. :) How about you?


Lainy said...

Di ako adik sa fb. Some can't live without it kasi mga naging gossip mongers na sila, hahaha! May friend nga ako, dinelete ung account nya kasi puro nalang daw kayabangan ang mga nasa status, minsan kahit wala ng kuenta, pinopost pa. Tama man pud sya, LOL!

Elvirah said...

I do visit facebook once in a while to see updates and if i happen to find friends online chat with them for a while and take leave. Not sure if it is for good or bad, but i never got addicted to facebook or any other social networking site, for that matter.