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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forever Friendship

I spent a great day with my friends and former colleagues from the previous company I worked at. It was Joy's homecoming celebration with us. She works at a company in Singapore where she's already a manager. She went home for a vacation and we're so lucky we were able to find time to get together and see her before she leaves today.

Joy has been a great friend to us. She's one of the kindest and sweetest. That's why when we heard she went home, we were all very excited to see her. Thank God most of us find the time to see Joy.

We went to a nearby Yellow Cab restaurant at the Glorietta Mall where we spent hours of chitchatting. Two mothers in the group brought with them their kids. I love hugging and cuddling with both of the boys, especially the 2-month old Baby Keon. Lajon has always been cuddly. LOL! I just love kids.

I brought my camera but forgot to charge the batteries. Thankfully, Julie didn't mind taking all the pictures and uploaded them on Facebook. Now I have additional photos that I can add to my photo collage from this circle of friends.

These get together have become rare because all of us have already resigned at Convergys. We already have separate lives. We seldom see each other that's why when we had the chance, we made the most of it.

Thank you girls for the wonderful moment and for the friendship and love! I miss all of you!

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Anonlineword said...

What a lovely and happy post. Thanks for sharing it.