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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malibay Christian Choir

I joined a chorale group in our Church. Aside from some other Church duties that kept me really busy, the chorale which we call Malibay Christian Choir, is also one of the many groups I have been going with this past couple of months. We have been practicing a lot because we prepared for a competition which took place last Sunday. The event was called Musikang Atin 2011 Elimination which was participated by members of Iglesia Ni Cristo. This event actually made it's 2nd debut this year and it made more members of the Church to actively participate in glorifying our Lord Almighty by singing beautiful songs to Him.

I myself have been a witness to another great activity prepared by our Church Administration. I am really glad I was able to join. Not only did I have fun, I'm glad to be able to make use of my talent in serving the Lord.

Our group actually joined the competition with the hopes of being able to be part of the finalists for Musikang Atin. Fortunately, with the grace of God, we got in! We're headed to the final round of the chorale competition!

We are all going to work real hard for the competition. I'm just so happy to learn that we were one of the top 5 finalists. We are going to double our effort and hopefully get the first prize! :D

Here are some of the pictures taken last Sunday:

And more to come on the Musikang Atin 2011 Grand Finale! :D

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