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Friday, September 16, 2011

Finding Solution For My Laundry Problem

I did some of my laundry just few minutes ago. I don't wash my clothes all at ones because I know that I'll get my hands bruised again. Unfortunately, no matter how little clothes I wash, I still got my hands bruised. :( I haven't bought a washing machine yet. I also don't want to bring them to the laundry shop because I don't trust my laundry to the peeps at the shop. I'd rather have my hands bruised for as long as I know my clothes are all clean.

I used to have a lady who comes over at my house to do my laundry but she's no where to be found lately. Someone told me she's already got a job somewhere. Now I don't have a choice but to do the laundry myself.Link
I still wonder why my hands kept getting bruised. I think I've tried all types of detergent, looked for mild detergent bars and powder, but the result to my hands is the same. The wounds are really painful. I wonder if the hard water which dries the skin have something to do with my bruises. I actually just learned about the hard water and the use of a water softener to eliminate unwanted contents of hard water. water softeners have this equipments ready to ship and is easy to install.

Hmm.. Could that be the solution to my laundry problem? I might as well give it a try, don't I? :)

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