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Monday, August 1, 2011

Peurto Prinsesa Trip - Part 3

Two days of not been able to go online last week made me a bit anxious. My laptop crashed again and that same day, I wasn't able to find somebody to fix it. I'm glad I have a friend who's got a "TECHY" boyfriend who was able to finally fix my laptop this weekend! :) They were both like angels to me! I'm lucky to have them both as friends!

Now, I'm able to write about the last entry of my Puerto Prinsesa Trip! This is definitely long overdue! LOL! It's about a month ago after my trip with my friends! But here it is, without anymore a dues!

So... The 3rd day at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan was more exciting for me because Michelle, Kuya Jon, Ate Raquel and I were able to do island hopping with some other tourists!In this trip, I faced one of my fears - to snorkel! We went to 3 different islands and I took advantage of snorkeling on all the islands we spent a few hours at! LOL! I have been so afraid of doing that when I was with my best friend Czarina on our Camiguin adventure some years ago. But when I was there, I was able to snorkel and was really in awe when I saw the sea creatures underneath the blue/green sea!

So proud of me!

I'm just so happy to be the in Palawan!

With my beloved Ates'!

A live Starfish that is!

The beautiful seashore...

Lovin' the serenity...


Pretty and sexy US GIRLS! :)

Me and our official photographer, Kuya Jon! :)

That's about my trip! I was the first to leave Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan on the 4th day because my flight was set early. I still didn't get enough of the place. The gang and I were planning to do another escapade in another part of Palawan which is El Nido. We've heard beautiful things about El Nido so that will be our next stop! :)

Til my next escapade!

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