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Friday, August 19, 2011

Paris In The Philippines! :)

The heiress, Paris Hilton, visited our country lately! I admit, I myself doubted if she'll ever gonna come here in the Philippines. But she actually was here. I'm not sure if she's still here right now but I was a bit elated when I heard about her being in my country.

I'm not really a fan of hers. I even didn't like her because of her bad publicity before. Her showing off as a bratt in one of the T.V. shows together with her ex-bestfriend Nicole. I just can't remember the title of that show. Her wearing of skimpy clothes, where sometimes she looked like she's wearing just breast pasties in some Men's magazines.

But she's really beautiful. She's like a barbie doll, actually. And during her interviews, she sounded like she meant it when she said. "I liked everything about the Philippines."

Well I hope she really loved it here. Why would she invest her money here in the Philippines if she didn't, right? I hope she'll keep coming back here and expand some more of her empire in my country! :)

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